Monday, April 20, 2009

Wurlitzer Reeds

Vintage Vibe is excited to announce that we are the first to recreate a clone of the original Wurlitzer factory reed. These are as good as the original reeds or better. Sonically, visually they are identical to the original Wurlitzer factory reeds. They are fashioned after the 200A style reeds and side by side with the originals no one could tell the difference - in person or on record. These reeds will not break like past reproduction reeds made by us and other companies. These are the reeds of the future, when the original Wurlitzer factory reeds are gone our reeds will keep these instruments alive. These will be the new standard reeds and can be replaced with any original for equal tone, level and longevity.

Also, we now have new Fender Rhodes back checks mods which are a great improvement to many Rhodes pianos.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update 18

April is here and the shop is full of repairs. We have a couple Hohner Clavinets in for repair, a Wurlitzer 140B, a Farfisa, and a couple Vox organs among other things.

We've sold a few of the Wurlitzer 200As but still have some left. We have a few Rhodes for sale still- A Rhodes 1977, two suitcase Fender Rhodes 1971 s, and Fender Rhodes 1972 Stage/Suitcase Top. We have samples of all the pianos being played on our youtube page, These are all excellent keyboards so don't miss out on owning one.

There will be a few new items we will be offering soon and we will let you all know once it is completed, but we are all pretty excited about it.

Until then take care and have a Happy Easter.