Friday, May 8, 2009

Farfisa Organs and Etc.

We have added a Farfisa section to the website and we are starting to sell more Farfisa parts. We've been doing Farfisa repairs for awhile, but now we will be selling individuall components as well as restored organs in the near future.

Our Wurlitzer reeds have been a success among customers and are selling well. They really are a perfect recreation of the original.

Also, our new back check mods are available and have been a much needed addition to many pianos.

There are only two of our Wurlitzer 200As in stock so don't miss your chance. These are the nicest we've seen and we don't know when we will come across more like it. We also have a Wurlitzer 200 for sale as well as a 140B.

We have sold the Fender Rhodes pianos we have had in stock but will have more in the future.