Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wurlitzer electric Piano student model lot

We have been very fortunate to have come across 10 of the most clean well preserved 206A student models in the land. They spent their entire life in a quiet college classroom pampered. You cannot go out and find clean action and keys like this. Once we have transformed these into Wurlitzer 200A piano's there will be 10 lucky people who will get to own one each. This will be a life long wurlitzer for these people. I personally see Wurlitzers everyday and these are some of the finest I have seen in years.
Chris Carroll

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update 13

We've been keeping busy here at Vintage Vibe for the new year.

We have three new Rhodes for sale :

New products:

Wurlitzer Reed Bar Shields -
Rhodes Cheek Block Power Supply -
Rhodes Refurbish Kit -
Rhodes Road Repair Kit -

We've been busy with lots of repairs and restorations, be sure to check our youtube page ( for new videos and our flikr page ( for new pictures of the custom restorations we have done.