Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update 13

We've been keeping busy here at Vintage Vibe for the new year.

We have three new Rhodes for sale : http://www.vintagevibe.com/c-50-rhodes-electric-pianos-for-sale.aspx

New products:

Wurlitzer Reed Bar Shields - http://www.vintagevibe.com/p-555-wurlitzer-reed-bar-shields.aspx
Rhodes Cheek Block Power Supply - http://www.vintagevibe.com/p-553-fender-rhodes-piano-suitcase-cheek-block-power-supply.aspx
Rhodes Refurbish Kit - http://www.vintagevibe.com/p-549-fender-rhodes-full-refurb-kit.aspx
Rhodes Road Repair Kit - http://www.vintagevibe.com/p-557-fender-rhodes-road-repair-kit.aspx

We've been busy with lots of repairs and restorations, be sure to check our youtube page (www.youtube.com/vintagevibekeyboards) for new videos and our flikr page (www.flickr.com/vintagevibe) for new pictures of the custom restorations we have done.

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