Monday, January 11, 2010

2009: Year In Review

2009 was a crazy year for everyone in terms of the economy, job stability and an over all fear of the unknown which consumed most everyone. We are so very grateful for the clients that have chosen to spend their money with Vintage Vibe, we know it means a lot to you and it certainly means a lot to us.

Luckily we are still growing as a company even in these uncertain times. We have been trying our hardest to be on the cutting edge and push ahead while not resting on our laurels. We will have some great new products for everyone this year which will ensure the future of these pianos.

Speaking of ensuring the future of these pianos, we have spent an incredible amount of time offering our free video tips on for everyone to learn from. This is one way Vintage Vibe is keeping these great electric pianos alive and kicking. As long as there are people learning this craft, they will never die. We also will be there to offer our excellent quality parts to everyone.

We have had so many great customers this year who have trusted us with their piano. I can honestly say it was a great learning experience for us and that you never stop learning with every step you take.

We did major work for Steely Dan this year for their world tour; we completely refurbished 3 of Donald Fagen's 88 Suitcase Pianos. One was a Fender Rhodes and the other two were Rhodes pianos. We did our best and the finished products were spectacular. We spent 3 full weeks on these pianos with 3 techs on each one. We also did a Wurlitzer 146 and a Clavinet D6 for Donald.
Norah Jones had brought us her Wurlitzer 206 in for repair and it very much needed it; we rebuilt it and then custom built her 3 sustain pedals with extra long cables so she could stand up and play. You can see these on her David Letterman performance on

Ani Difranco trusted us with here Wurlitzer 200A for her tour and then invited us to her Philadelphia Electric Factory show as well as her NYC Town Hall show. We spent a day up at the Conan O'Brian show with Canada's great Chromeo; that was really fun. Let's the top of my head we met some great new clients- Man Man, Nate Walcott of Bright Eyes, Phish, Duncan Sheik, and so many more.

This year Vintage Vibe has adopted a policy of giving back. Children's charities are close to my heart as there is nothing more innocent than a child. To see or hear of a child that is suffering just rips my heart out. This is why Vintage Vibe gives every month (as well as the profits from our Rhodes Repair Video) to two Charities, one being the Hole in the Wall Camp, which was started by Paul Newman and offers, free of charge, the experience of a lifetime for seriously or terminally ill children. They are invited to sleep over the camp with a medical facility at hand. Most of these kids would never have this opportunity without this wonderful charity. Please look into it for yourself. Another is the famous St. Jude's children hospital and they are on the forefront of cancer treatment and no child is ever denied due to money.

We truely believe in order to be rich or fulfilled you need to give; even if you only have 2 pennies, give one away. It will come back to you ten fold. Just go out and give freely and see how it feels!

See you in 2010, we have a huge suprise awaiting everyone!!