Friday, August 29, 2008

Update 2

We'd like to start giving you all a look into what we do here every day.

For starters we have some new products:
Clavinet Key Bushings which can be purchased here:
new gold RCA jacks with brackets:
and a new, quiet Pre Amp for the Wurlitzer 200A which can be purchased here:

Today we worked on a custom job with sparkle tolex, trying a few new things to make it interesting.

We finished up a Mark II Suitcase repair and restoartion for a customer today.

We are almost done with a 1969 Suitcase refurb for another customer. This piano is a prototype year because there are a few not so common parts to it. It came with all felt hammers, but no the tear drop kind.

Our head tech is working on the electronics for a rare Hohner Pianet L, which is having output issues.

We sold the last batch of our custom Wurlitzer pedals and are working on a new batch with a more improved designed. Keep an eye out for those in the future!

We're heading off into a big weeked and hope you all enjoy yours as well!

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