Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fender Rhodes Parts Manufactured

Yes it has been a while since our last post. Summer has kept us very busy with touring season at hand. We are even busier now that the fall season is approaching and customers are looking to stock up as well as customers looking to buy that perfect gift.

We have been eagerly awaiting our new products we have been manufacturing this past summer.
Tone bar grommets like the originals
Tone Bar screws nickel plated like the old Fender Rhodes pianos, with the nice shoulder under the head of the screw for allowing the tone bar to pop.
New "Relic" Hammer Tips made firmer for a better attack and articulation
We have designed a replacement Damper arm for the fender Rhodes single strip damper pianos. These will replace the old worn out dampers. Very Much needed item.

We have made another batch of our Pratt and reed Synthesizer key bushings

Hohner Clavinet hammmer tips just like the originals " Orange"

We are keeping a big secret to ourselves but we have plans for something pretty major to happen.

Lot's more going on we will fill you in soon...

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